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"Food done right will make you want to dance."

Shani Burton

Meet Your  Chef

Shani Burton

Ever since Shani could sit up she's been found in the kitchen watching, smelling, tasting, and analyzing the food being prepared. Cooking her first meal at the age of 6 when her mom fell ill. Chef Shani received her first cooking lesson making a traditional tomato soup. With mother's guidance, the soup was a success. 


Shani was hooked, creating her first original recipe "Hot Soup". From then on her culinary exploration began. Given the basics foundations for cooking at a young age by her mother. Shani developed an art for cooking and explored unconventional means to elevate simple recipes. Bringing flavors anew.  Furthering her skills by attending culinary schools. Working jobs in the culinary industry over the years transformed a passion into a career. Now Shani focuses on creating dishes that satisfy taste buds and help maintain a healthy lifestyle through whole foods, ingredients, and spices.

Tel: 916-934-4597  |  Email: personalchef.shani@gmail.com



Seasonal Eats

A seasonal menu reflecting local ingredients, floavors and tradtions. 

Plan for the Week 

Have multiple meals created and prepared to last through the week

 Date Night Specail

Heat. Assembles. Plate and Eat

Bring on the Sunshine

Roasted Stuffed Herb Chicken with a Pomagranate and Balsamic Salad


Sear Pork Loin and Carmlized Oinions a top a 

Sweet Potato Puree 

Ale Brasied Beef  and Root Vegetables over Creamy Risosto  

Cedar Flank Salmon with a Candied Walnut and Cranberry Relish

Shani's Sweet Potato Pie


"Shani's meal presentation is beautiful. The meals are delicious. She shows great creativity and the ability to blend various spices that showcases the beauty and taste of her meals."

-Claudia R.

Mouth watering and simply amazing.

-Marlon G. 

As someone who's had the privilege of experiencing Chef Shani's cooking, I can tell you she's got Skillz. Whether it's an old family favorite or a new creation Chef Shani turns every meal into a culinary delight. If you want Chef Shani to recreate your favorite recipe or give it a new twist or if you want something totally new, she's your girl.

-Michelle S.


At Your Service

Tel: 916-934-4597  |  Email: personalchef.shani@gmail.com


Tell me a little about your taste and what you ideal meal is so I can begin the creation process
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