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Shani provides professionally crafted meals in the convenience of your home as an insured personal chef.  This includes; meal planning for individual needs and preferences, shopping for local, organic, and quality ingredients, the executions of preparing meals, and leaving you to a clean kitchen and full fridge.

Ideal for:

-busy lifestyles

-trying new food in the comfort of home

-special dietary need (gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian, etc.)

-singles, couples, and families

-weight management and portion control

1st Step- Check out the menu.


2nd Step-Pick your desired meal plan, or call (916) 934-4597.  Each meal can serve anywhere between 2-6 servings, your choice.  One meal can potentially feed an individual for six times or feed six people. 


3rd StepSchedule your initial consultation. Chef Shani will familiarize herself with you and your kitchen. Then schedule your meal prepare day! Allow for your kitchen to be available roughly an hour for each meal to be prepared.

When you adding you information specify in the message box which meals you want and how you want them stored (family style or individual).


4th Step-  Chef Shani will contact you to create a grocery list and shop for you personally. Some ingredient you already possess. A copy of the ingredient list will be sent to check what is already purchased. 


5th Step- Let Chef Shani shop, cook, store, and clean.


6th StepEnjoy your meals knowing that were made personally for you!

Prices for meal preparation (located here) does not include cost of groceries.  A copy of ingredient receipt will be included when bill is due for reinbursment. 

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